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Everyone can give a present, but only a few people are able to master the art of gifting. This Christmas we want to help you be that person, we want you to melt hearts and steal as many smiles as you can. So let’s talk about presents…

For us, a present is made out of two things, the actual object that you are gifting and the wrapping. We believe that what’s inside is as important as the package where it comes, because what’s inside money can buy, but the effort and love you put in wrapping a present is priceless.

In a world where everything needs to be fast, the best gift you can give someone is your time. In this post we want to inspire you, so we want to share with you, our gift-wrapping idea for this year.  We wanted it to be very festive and Christmassy, so we stuck to the traditional colors.

The final touch in our wrapping was the handwritten Christmas messages. Don’t be afraid to try it and put your heart in the gift. Here is a link you can use to get some calligraphy ideas.

Hope you like our wrapping idea and leave you friends and family speechless and gift them something so pretty that they won’t even want to tear the wrapping out!

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