“From a distance, the world probably seems like a big, bad scary place. If you listen to the news or even ask the person next to you, they will likely talk about war, poverty, corruption and hate. They are right, from a distance. But, I believe that up close, there is enough good, enough love, and enough pure kindness to make the world go round, and that is what inspired my journey.”

-Leon Logothetis

If you just finished binge-watching your favourite show and now you feel like something is missing in your life, don’t panic. This post’s goal is to fill that space and introduce you to the next show you need to sit down and binge-watch: “The Kindness Diaries.”

Before continuing we need to warn you that this TV show is probably like nothing you’ve seen before. You won’t see any made up dramas, rebel teenagers, dragons, savages or politics. This is a show about real people, that will make you see life from a different perspective. Long story short, Leon Logothetis who is a global adventurer, motivational speaker & philanthropist, travels around the world with his faithful companion Kindness I. Even though it has a royal name, Kindness I couldn’t be further away from being fancy or luxurious, but if one thing is true is that Leon couldn’t have found another more faithful companion.

A man and his motorcycle will show you that there’s still hope for humankind, not everything is lost and not everything is like we see it in the news. There are actually good people, there’s actually love all around us, there’ actually kindness. In fact enough kindness to help a man travel the world relying only on the kindness of strangers.

Hope these words were compelling enough to make you want to actually make some snacks, sit in front of the TV and discover the world through the eyes of kindness.

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