If you have a pair of old sneakers are you are thinking about getting rid of them to get some extra space in your closet, STOP! Worn out sneakers are in this Spring.

Trends like this one allow fashion lovers to stay up to date with the fashion world, without throwing their budget out the window. As a matter of fact, when it comes to this trends, we would think twice before actually paying hundreds of dollars for something that looks not only used but also old.

We are firm believers that no matter what style we are trying to follow, we need to remember that balance is key when it comes to achieving a jaw-dropping outfit. If you decide to give worn out sneakers a chance, then we must encourage you to play with other more structural pieces in your outfit. Make sure you layer, you wear a nice top, makeup is on point, you are having a good day hair and you accessorize properly. The complete look needs to look effortless but stylish at the same time. The sneakers already bring the careless touch to the outfit, make sure everything else balance that.

Remember, you are wearing the sneakers, the sneakers are not wearing you!

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