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Spontaneous gateways are the best, they are fun and lighthearted. From beginning to end this kind of gateways will always be remembered as that short but unforgettable trip that you hold close to your heart.

Here are some tips fir you to keep in mind next time you decide to pack your bags and go on an adventure

Planning: The fun should start here. Let your imagination run wild and start picturing yourself in the town you want to visit, picture the outfits you want to wear and the coffee you want to drink while admiring the sunset. Make it fun and get excited about it, talk to your friends about it or ask in social media for recommendations. You might b lucky enough to have someone like our dear friend Gaby —visit her site here— who might give you some tricks to plan it. She explained to us how to use Pinterest to find places to visit and things to do in our destinations.

Getting there: Regardless the transportation medium you are using to get to your dream place, the journey to get there should also be part of the adventure. In this case, our transportation consisted on a 30 feet long RV. There are two things that are must when doing a road trip: good snacks and good soundtrack. Forget the chips and the overrated top 40 hits. Get creative, inspire yourself and vacay Grace Kelly style.

That being said, time to talk about the places we visited and the tips and tricks we learned in the way.


The popularity of this city is amazing, after hearing so much about it throughout the years it won its spot in our “Places to visit” list. The city is a European gem in the U.S., every single spot is Instagram-worthy. Savannah has the perfect size to be discovered biking, start at the visitor center and go old fashioned, grab a map and start rolling through the streets. You might get lost and discover new things. Our favorite memory was the promenade at the pier watching the sunset and feeling the breeze in our face.

Now before you start packing your bags to visit the beautiful Savannah, hold your horses because there’s one thing you must know. The city is also known for being haunted. We would not include this in here if it wasn’t because of the funny vibe we got from Savannah. You’ve been warned.


The adventure in North Carolina started in downtown Asheville. This little town stole our hearts with its 1920’s vibe and history. We recommend you to start your visit at the visitor center, the personnel will show you what southern kindness is all about while recommending you where to go and what to see. Ask them about the cat and the mouse, a little riddle they like to share with visitors.

Make sure you visit the Grove Arcade. Finished on 1927 was considered the most elegant building in the country and the first one intended for retail stores.

    After shopping the next stop had to be for food. We decided to try the real-Southern food and eat at Tupelo Honey. To say that the chicken was crispy is an understatement.

    Asheville is an artsy city, full of young people and an incredible vibe. We recommend it 100 percent.

Chimney Rock State Park

As soon as we found out that this state park had a waterfall we knew it was the chosen one. Besides hiking trails and views to die for, the waterfall was an incredible experience that left us speechless.

We walked underneath the waterfall and felt the fresh water falling on top of us. When we opened our eyes underneath it, a beautiful rainbow was formed. What a magical experience.

If it would have been a moment in which we wanted time to stop, this was it. We wanted to stay there forever.

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