The Cosmos and the Lotus

The book “The Cosmos and the Lotus” is presented as the confession of an astrophysicist: Trinh Xuan Thuan. And his publisher Albin Michel defines this fascinating book as follows: “His route was immediately placed him at the confluence of three cultures: from a family of Vietnamese scholars impregnated with Confucian and Buddhist traditions, he received an education the French way and later on a scientific training the American way. Such a wealth of perspectives enables him to provide, not answers coming from the top of his knowledge, but elements of reflection accessible to all, which make us participate in the great adventure of astrophysics after a century. Between the Cosmos that the science and the “Lotus” of Eastern wisdom unveils for us every day , Trinh Xuan Thuan invites us to take a path of open intelligence. “

Here are some significant excerpts, which will give you the tone and the desire to discover it too, I hope.

Firstly this observation: “Nature is so beautiful because it possesses an order, because it is governed by laws. Even more amazing, these laws can be expressed in mathematical terms. “ The number is the principle and source of all things” (Pythagoras, 6th century BC) ”

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