El Adiós en Tres Actos

The story of Jeanne and Arthur comes to life on every page. A couple who works together professionally in the world of theater. Jeanne is a great actress and Arthur the writer of all the successful pieces in which she acts.

A story of appearances, loneliness and love; Arthur loves Jeanne but she falls in love with another man. Despite the pain of seeing how the love that he believed to be eternal lies in the arms of another, the theater writer and the diva decide to keep appearances in front of the public and close friends as the perfect couple, in love and accomplice that everyone thought they knew.

This is how we move through the corridors of the theater world, between intrigues, jealousy, repetition, staging and egos. A generous world  but at the same time sad, lonely and full of betrayals.

The pen of Jacques Mercier is fluid, energetic and loaded with sensitivity. His way of narrating human relationships and the great themes of life, such as love, death, loneliness and relationships, is incomparable and catches the reader in each and every one of his stories. It treats with intelligence and simplicity the most complex subjects. His talent as a poet is reflected in his novels and this is how this writer leads the reader to immerse themselves in the most intense emotions of the characters.

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