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Mariela saad

Courageous, perseverant and with a heart of gold .

Mariela is a Lawyer, graduated from the Andrés Bello Catholic University. Her love for French motivated her to get a Bachelor of Arts in French Literature at the University of Central Florida. She loves getting things done and is good at it. A multifaceted woman who adds a touch of passion and love to everything she does. She loves to learn new languages, always has a project on her mind and she keeps daring for more.


Brilliant, adventurous and full of dreams.

Karina went to business school and got an accountant degree at the Andrés Bello Catholic University. She pursued a second degree in Advertising & Public Relations at the University of Central Florida. Karina loves adventures and knows exactly where she wants to go with her life. She is very creative and has the determination needed to overcome any obstacle. She has a personality that shines for her human quality.


Honest, bold and passionate.

Amira is currently seeking a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at the University of Central Florida. She has the power of optimism, able to find the silver lining in every single situation. Maybe that’s why she always has that beautiful smile that brightens everyone’s day. She loves to try new things and travel around the world.

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